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When you or someone you care about is facing misdemeanor or criminal charges, life gets stressful pretty quickly. There’s no point to sitting in a cell if the court has set a bail amount when we’re available to help you meet that requirement. If you want to post it, you need fast, high-quality service so you spend the minimum possible time behind bars. We’re proud to provide bail bonds to people in the local cities and parishes and have been since 2005. Being locked up can make it difficult to focus on proving your innocence to a jury of your peers, so let us help you get the money together and secure your fast release. If you need bail bonds service in Baton Rouge, LA, contact the local professionals with Independent Bail Bonds at 225-414-9999 for more information today!

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Once the court sets your bail amount, it’s time to get the money together to post it. We offer a myriad of different types of bonds for varying types of charges because we understand that in Baton Rouge, LA, you’re innocent until proven guilty. It doesn’t matter when you get charged or when the court sees you, we’re available to provide you with high-quality, 24-hour emergency service. From misdemeanors to felony charges, we provide bail bonds service without judgment. We have surety bonds service for when you need help from a third party and can assist with large cash amounts for when the courts set bail at an unusually high amount. For expert bail bonds service in Baton Rouge, LA, contact the experts of Independent Bail Bonds at 225-414-9999 for service details when you need them.

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Our Experts Will Walk You Through the Bail Bonds Process if You Need Us To.

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We understand that things happen, so we offer professional service for all different kinds of charges to better assist local people in need. From burglary, robbery, and theft to something like probation violation, we can help walk you through the process of securing you or your loved one’s release from jail. It doesn’t matter if you’re facing weapons charges, drug charges, or DWI or DUI problems, let us help you through the process. We charge the 12% Premium required by state law along with applicable jail fees. For qualified applicants, we offer 6% down financing with the other 6% being paid on a payment plan without interest. When the time comes that you’re facing immigration issues or domestic violence charges, don’t hesitate to call so we can help you deal with the problem from home. If you need bail bonds service in Baton Rouge, LA, call Independent Bail Bonds‘s team of professionals at 225-414-9999 when you need someone to help get the money together for your release.

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If you find yourself in legal trouble we don’t make judgments, we just provide high-quality bail bonds service for people in the area. Give us a call when you need help getting the money together to secure a speedy release for yourself or a loved one. We can help walk you through the paperwork for bail bonds service if this is your first experience with the local court system. Our team doesn’t judge, we just provide expert services to people who need them while attempting to prove their innocence. When you find yourself needing bail bonds service in Baton Rouge, LA, don’t hesitate to call the experts of Independent Bail Bonds at 225-414-9999 for the assistance you need!