Probation Violation Bail

If you are on probation and your probation officer thinks you have violated your probation, they can call the judge and sign a motion to have you jailed. You will be held for a couple of days in jail, but after the motion has been filed, you can be eligible for bail. To get released from jail quickly by a professional and licensed bail bonds company, call Independent Bail Bonds! We are able to provide probation violation bail in Baton Rouge, LA and the surrounding areas. Of course, the type of probation you are on, regular or deferred adjudication probation, depends on if you are entitled to bail. If you are, you can reach us at 225-414-9999 to get bail for your probation violation.

What’s Considered a Probation Violation?

There are a couple of ways that you can violate your probation; these are the ways in which you can violate your probation.

  • You visit people or go to places that your probation forbids you from going to.
  • Missing a meeting with your probation officer.
  • Not going to your assigned court date.
  • Not paying the necessary fines to the court.
  • Flunking a drug test
  • Selling, possessing or manufacturing drugs.
  • Committing new crimes on top of the crimes you are probation for.
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When You Need Bail for a Probation Violation, Please Call Us!

There is a possibility that you might get a warning, but depending the crime committed that has you on probation, your probation could be longer, you may have more supervision, more things to do to meet your probation, and the possibility of serving a short sentence in prison. In order to get you or a loved one prepared for an upcoming trial date due to a probation violation in Baton Rouge, LA, call us for bail bonds services.

We Can Help You!

If you have regular probation, you might not qualify for bail; if you have deferred adjudication probation, you can get released from jail with bail bonds. We just need our clients to fill out a little bit of paperwork. We charge the 12% Premium required by state law along with applicable jail fees. For qualified applicants, we offer 6% down financing with the other 6% being paid on a payment plan. Put down 6% of the bail amount, and then we will secure the release of your loved one. We never charge interest and if you need help with payments. We want you or your loved one to be released from jail so you can get on with your life and prepare for any court dates. We offer 24/7 bail bonds, so when having a probation violation in Baton Rouge, LA, you can call us at 225-414-9999 for help no matter what.