Surety Bond

If you have ever gotten a bail bond, then you might have been asked to get a surety bond. At Independent Bail Bonds, we are able to offer a surety bond in Baton Rouge, LA for various charges. To learn more about surety bonds, read on to get more information.

What Is a Surety Bond

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We Can Help You Understand What a Surety Bond is and How It Works.

The definition of a surety bond is a contract between three parties–the principal, the obligee, and the surety; this bond is like insurance for those who are putting down money, as well as posting the bail. So the principal in a surety bond is the person who needs bail, whereas the obligee is the person who is purchasing the bail bond. That would make the surety of this contract a bail bonds company who is being backed by an insurance company. When you get this type of bond, you have to follow all of the terms that are laid out. If for some reason the principal (the person who needs bail) fails to follow the terms of the contract, then the surety will have to come up with the cost.

If you are able to pay cash, then you don’t need to worry about surety bonds. In order to get surety bonds through Independent Bail Bonds, you have to put down 6% of the amount of the bail. If for some reason that is too much money, we do offer payment plans. We never charge interest and we¬†are able to accept cash, debit/credit, money orders, and even use cash apps. If you want to know more about a surety bond in Baton Rouge, LA, feel free to call us.

When Can You Use a Surety Bond?

You can use a surety bond for any type of charge. The only time that you wouldn’t be able to use it is if a judge denies bail. A lot of people who use surety bonds have their reservations using them, as they lose the amount of money they put down for the bail if their friend or family member decides to skip bail. However, it usually works out as people feel obligated to follow through since their friends or family helped them. To learn more about a surety bond in Baton Rouge, LA or want to know about our bail bonds services, call us at 225-414-9999. We are 24/7 bail bonds company, so we are here anytime, any day.