How Does a Bail Bond Work?

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How Does Someone Post Bail? Learn More!

If you have never had to post bail for someone, the whole idea of bail bonds might seem foreign to you. This is understandable because the process seems like it would be straightforward, but it is a lot more convoluted than people would think. While bail is used to secure someone’s release from jail custody, it is also used as a guarantee that someone will appear at their scheduled court date. So when we use a bail bond, we are making a promise or “surety” that the defendant will appear in court or the bail will be forfeited. If someone decides to not go to their court date, this is considered bail and will come with a lot of consequences, one of which is that whoever put the bail up will not receive that money back. If a bail bondsman uses a bond to pay your bail, they will get the premium of the bail and the person who paid the premium will lose that money. Again, when someone decides to post bail, it can be hard to understand. Fortunately, we have come up with answers to questions that will make understanding the bail process a whole lot easier.

How Do You Bond Someone Out of Jail?

When you find out that a loved one has been arrested, the first thing you think to do is to call a bail agent. While this is a great first step, there are a couple of things you should do before you call a bail bondsman. You will want to find out where your friend or family member is being detained and what their booking status. This will make things a lot easier on you and the bail bond company that you decide to work with. So what is the process of bails bonds? Once you have that information, you can do the following.

  • Call a Bail Bond Agent: The bail bond agent will be able to call the jail where your loved one is detained and find out the bail amount. Sometimes if it’s someones first offense, they can be released on their own recognizance.
  • Different Types of Bail To Choose From: If you think you can afford the bail amount, then you can just pay it in cash and not go through a bail bondsman. If the bail is $10,000 and you have to, you might want to use a bail bondsman. In those types of situations, you will use a surety bond, which is an agreement that you make with the bail bondsman to post bail for your family member or friend.
  • Pay the Bail: While a bail bondsman will post bail, you still have to pay a premium. This is so if your friend or family member skips bail, it acts as insurance for the bail bond company. Typically, bail premiums will be 5% or 12% of the amount of bail.

After those steps have been completed, the next step will be for the bail bondsman to secure the release of the defendant. Having a professional and licensed bail bond agent walk you through the process will make the whole situation a little bit less stressful and easier to handle.

Is Bail and Bond the Same Thing?

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Either You Will Pay the Bail with Cash or Use a Surety Bond.

A lot of people always ask, “Is bond different than bail?” and the answer is yes. Typically, people will use those words interchangeably, but they do mean two different things. So what is the difference between posting bond and posting bail? Bail refers to the actual money that must be paid to secure the release of someone in jail; a bond is what a bail bond agent will use to get someone released from jail. So bail is like insurance for the courts, as it ensures that a defendant follows certain regulations. If bail is paid in cash then the person who put down the money is losing that money if someone skips bail; if bail is paid with a bail bond and the defendant skips bail, the bail bond company gets the keep the premium of the bail amount.

Can You Bail Yourself Out of Jail?

Another question people like to ask is “Can inmate post their own bail?” Technically the defendant can pay their own bail. However, they will need the cash to pay the full amount. For example, if someone is arrested and their bail is $500, if they have the $500 on them, they can pay it; if they do have cash but not that much on them, then they will have to use a bail bond company to secure their release from jail. Depending on the circumstance, if you are the one who is jailed and needs to be bailed out, you may be able to talk with a bail bond agent to secure your release. Most of the time, though, your family or friends will have to either pay the cash amount or work with a bail bondsman on your behalf. 

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