What Are Immigration Bail Bonds?

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Can you bail someone out of ICE?

If someone you love is detained by U.S. immigration authorities, or ICE, that person may be bailed out of jail. Immigration violations are treated similarly to other offenses, and a bail amount may be set by ICE or an immigration judge, and you may arrange to pay the full amount or pay immigration bail bonds using a bail bonds service. Most immigration detainees will be eligible for bail. In some cases, the detainee may be released on a recognizance bond.

Some detainees may not be eligible for bail, and may be subject to mandatory detention. Usually this is the case if the person is charged with a criminal offense or has a criminal record.

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What are immigration bail bonds?

When someone is detained on an immigration violation, bail will be set by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, or by an immigration judge. If the detainee is eligible for bail, there are two types immigration bail bonds available to that person, a delivery bond or a voluntary departure bond. The bail is paid either through a surety bond using a bail bond agent or in the full amount is paid in cash to ICE, either with a money order, cashier’s check, or U.S. bonds or notes. How these two different bonds work are outlined below:

How immigration bail bonds work

  • Delivery Bond: Release is secured similarly to other bail bonds, but the bail is paid to ICE officials. Once released,detainees must return for all scheduled court dates. The bond can only be posted by a green card holder or U.S. citizen.
  • Voluntary departure bond: With a departure bond, the detainee is given the option to leave the country voluntarily by a specified date at his or her own expense. The bond is refundable but can be forfeited if the person does not leave by the specified date. 

How long can ICE hold you in jail?

You can be held for up to 48 hours after scheduled release in a county or parish jail on an immigration hold or immigration detainer until ICE can transfer you to federal custody. This hold can be placed on you even if you are in jail on other charges and ICE suspects you of an immigration violation. The hold could occur after a random check inmates by ICE or if ICE notifies the law enforcement agency detaining the person.

How much is a bail bond for immigration?

For a delivery bond, the minimum bail amount is $1,500. Immigration bail can range from $1,500 to $10,000 or more, depending on risk factors. The minimum amount for a departure bond is $500. When you get the services of a bonding agent for immigration bail bonds,you’ll pay a percentage of the bail amount for the release of your loved one. At Independent Bail Bonds, we charge a 12% premium, which is required by the state. So, it the bail amount is $1,500, you’ll pay $180. We will work with qualified applicants if the 12% amount is too high. For those applicants, our payment plan financing is 6% down with another 6% paid on a payment plan without interest.

Jail is the last place most people want to be. Release on bail is important to ensure your loved one gets a chance to work on their case before they return to court.

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Where can I pay bail for immigration?

For immigration bail bonds, to pay you must have a green card or be a legal U.S. citizen. To pay the bond you’ll want to call the local ICE office and schedule an appointment to pay the bond. Before going to the ICE office, you’ll need an original Social Security card and a valid photo ID, along with the right form of payment. A cashier’s check made out to the Department of Homeland Security is preferred.

How to get immigration bail bond back

As with other bail bonds, you can get the bail amount for immigration bail bonds returned to you by ICE. and the Department of Homeland Security. First and foremost, to be eligible to get the bond money back, the undocumented immigrant must make all immigration court appointed hearings, otherwise the bond will be revoked. The undocumented immigrant must also comply with any deportation orders.

Once all the conditions of the bond have been met, ICE will send you a immigration bond cancellation form to you and to the Department of Homeland Security’s Debt Management Center. To get the refund, you must send the form and your original immigration bond receipt to the Debt Management Center. You may also want to include a copy of the bond contract. If you’ve lost the receipt, you can get form I-395 from the ICE website and get that form notarized to send to the Debt Management Center. The process can take a couple of months to get the refund.

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