What Should I Know About Drug Charges?

Police Vehicle Pulling over Future Defendant for Drug Charges

What Drugs Are Felony Charges?

In the state of Louisiana, for marijuana, felony charges will be assigned depending on how many pounds of marijuana is found. For sixty to two-thousand pounds of marijuana, the penalty is a felony charge with five to thirty years of incarceration. The maximum fine for such a charge is $100,000. Any quantity more than two-thousand pounds of marijuana is also eligible for a felony charge, although the years of incarceration and maximum fines differ. Controlled substances are defined as having no accepted medical use in the United States and hold a strong probability for abuse. These drugs include cannabis, codeine, ecstasy, hallucinogens, strong opiates, morphine, and more. With any high volume of these substances, felony charges can ensue and will depend on the five schedules Louisiana divides controlled dangerous substances into.

What is the Sentence for Possession of Drugs?

All states in America regulate and control the possession of controlled dangerous substances, also known as CDS. Louisiana divides CDS into five categories. Schedule 1 identifies the most dangerous drugs, which have an extremely high probability of abuse and addiction. The penalties for these types of drugs vary depending on the specific drug involved. They usually include a fine of at least $5,000 or more. This fine also applies to Schedule II-V substances. Imprisonment varies between five to ten years according to the substance involved.

How Long is the Sentence for Drug Possession?

Prison time or jail time happens when a person is convicted of possession of a controlled substance. Imprisonment ranges widely depending on the crime charged and the type of drugs involved. Misdemeanor bail is available for those charged with misdemeanor crimes. 

How Do You Beat Drug Possession Charges?

In Louisiana, it is important to note that a drug charge is a felony if it is punishable by hard labor. There is an important distinction between a misdemeanor and a felony charge in Louisiana. This is because if a defendant is convicted of a drug charge in Louisiana, there are serious consequences. The best thing to do if you are arrested, is to say nothing and to ask for a lawyer immediately. Bail bonds for drug charges can greatly alleviate the burden of drug possession charges, and set a pathway for freedom and compliance.

Can Felony Drug Charges Be Dropped?

Felony drug charges can include possession of methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, crack and other narcotics. These narcotics can even include prescription drugs. Whether or not felony charges can be dropped is a matter of circumstance, having a good lawyer, and displaying good behavior. One of the principal questions a good defense attorney will ask is whether the drugs that were found during the search were the product of a legal or illegal search. If the search was illegal, the evidence must be suppressed. This rule is commonly known as the exclusionary rule. Another way people win drug cases is through lack of knowledge or awareness of the existence of illegal drugs.

When Do Drug Charges Become Federal?

Federal punishments are usually always more harsh than state penalties. The difference between a state penalty and a federal penalty for the same crime can mean the difference between seven years and a lifetime. State crimes become federal crimes if a federal informant named you, if a federal officer made the arrest, if the crime was committed on federal property, if the crime involved crossing state lines, or if it falls into a “catch-all” category.

What is Drug Paraphernalia Charges?

In the state of Louisiana, the penalty for distribution, display and possession of drug paraphernalia is 0-15 days in parish jail. It may also include a fine of up to $300. Drug paraphernalia charges are enhanceable, which means the more convictions a defendant receives, the worse the sentence becomes.

Drug Charges in Louisiana

There are two different kinds of drug charges in Louisiana: misdemeanors and felonies. Depending on the Schedule of the drug and the circumstances, the judge could sentence you to jail or place you on probation, regardless of whether or not the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony. While it is true that defendants of misdemeanor charges do not usually get sentenced to jail time, it does happen.

Drug Charges for Individual Who Has Been Fingerprinted

What Drug Charges are Felonies?

It is important to note that if you are charged with drug possession in the state of Louisiana, you will need to consult with a lawyer immediately. Louisiana has some of the most severe drug possession laws in the country and there is not much consistency in the sentences people receive. Felonies can result from the following Schedule I Controlled Substances:

  • Cannabis
  • Codeine
  • Ecstasy
  • Hallucinogens (including LSD, peyote, and psilocybin)
  • Morphine
  • Strong opiates

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